Chiropractic Neck Adjustments

If you’ve woken up with a kink in your neck, or continue to suffer from chronic neck pain, chiropractic adjustment can help. Give us a call to schedule your same-day appointment.

What are chiropractic neck adjustments, and how can they help you?

Realign your vertebrae and live pain-free.

If you’ve been struggling with neck pain, you’re not alone. Back and neck pain are among the most prevalent health conditions in the US and often the main reason for a chiropractic consultation. The good news is that an overwhelming majority of people who seek out chiropractic care find that these interventions are effective in resolving the pain and contribute to greater overall health and wellbeing.


One of the most common complaints is a “kink” in the neck, which is usually due to either:

  • Muscle tension: The way you sleep can result in inflammation that causes a pinching pain sensation as you try to move your neck. Typically, when this happens, your range of motion is reduced and, after a few hours, the tight muscles start to loosen.
  • Misaligned vertebrae: Subluxated neck vertebrae is a more serious condition as it can put pressure on the nerves. Typically, the pinching pain will continue throughout the day and can contribute to headaches.

A chiropractic neck adjustment will realign the vertebrae, offer relief to the muscles in your neck and in many cases instantly reduce the pinching pain (although at times may take a day or two). If you experience this pinching pain often, regular chiropractic adjustments can help keep your vertebrae in alignment. Don’t wait for the pain to worsen, with same-day appointments available; you can take a proactive approach to your wellness.

Chiropractic Neck Adjustments to Alleviate Pain

Your neck contains seven small vertebrae which make up the cervical spine. This set of vertebrae along with its supporting muscles tendons and ligaments support the weight of your head (which is, on average, 12 pounds). This puts incredible pressure on those vertebrae, especially considering that they are more susceptible to pain and injury because of the flexibility that gives your head its wide range of movement.

Your neck becomes prone to injury if you’re sitting for extended periods of time, have a job with repetitive movements, or if you are in an accident. And that’s without taking into consideration the normal aging process and everyday wear and tear.


What can you expect from neck adjustments?

Cervical manipulation is a precise, manual therapy that is applied to the joints in your neck. It is designed to improve mobility in the neck and restore the range of motion through the realignment of the vertebrae. It will also impact the adjoining muscles, ligaments and tendons, relieving pressure and thereby reducing inflammation.

Many adjustment techniques available

When some of us hear of neck manipulation we think of YouTube videos that do not look appealing when you are not able to turn your neck. The truth is there are a variety of adjustment techniques for the neck and most of them look and feel comfortable. Low force technique and adjustment using a small clicking devise is an example of a comfortable approach to adjusting the neck. After the doctor explains what needs to be corrected, he will also explain the different approaches and techniques available for treatment. A popular phrase at our office is, “This is your body, and you are in complete control to decide how we will help you heal.”

We will develop a treatment program that is tailored to your needs and may include manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, traction therapy and nutrition therapy.

Get back to pain-free health and wellness

With millions of Americans turning to chiropractic care for the treatment of neck pain, we at Dr Verg offer a comprehensive range of treatments including neck adjustments designed to treat the source of the pain and not the symptoms. For real relief from neck pain and ongoing management of back-related conditions, please give us a call.

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