Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment

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Chiropractic spinal adjustments to correct the alignment of your vertebrae.

If the bones in your spine have moved out of alignment this can have serious implications in the functioning of your back resulting in pain, a reduced range of motion and decreased function.

Over twenty-two million people across America consult chiropractors for spinal adjustments for the relief of back and neck pain. Spinal adjustment, often called spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment, is the process of manual therapy to realign the joints of the spine. These adjustments will bring the musculoskeletal structure back into balance that has been disrupted due to injury or repetitive stress.

Manual therapy often forms part of a multifaceted treatment plan that includes nutrition therapy, therapeutic exercises, and traction therapy.


Pain Relief, Improved Function, and Joint Mobility.

Regular chiropractic spinal adjustment means that your body is continually being brought into realignment so you can manage your pain and improve your spine’s function. The primary benefits chiropractic adjustments, although there are many, include:

Rapid Relief from Pain

If you are living with pain, you know that it affects all areas of your life, limiting the activities that you can do and sapping your energy. Your chiropractor will work with you to identify the source of your body’s mechanical issues and address them effectively through a series of treatments.

Improved Body Function

Impaired spinal function affects your whole body and as you struggle to continue with your daily life, your body will often respond by overcompensating in other areas. A chiropractor will focus on restoring your spine’s function, which relieves pressure on connecting tissues and in this way is able to restore mobility and function to the rest of the body.

Restoration of Joint Movement

As you get older, or if you have placed continual stress on your body, it is not uncommon for your joints to seize up and to experience reduced spinal mobility. Gentle spinal chiropractic adjustments bring the spine into alignment, and the muscles that surround these joints are able to function normally, which reduces inflammation and discomfort.

What can you expect from your appointment?

As chiropractors, we take a conservative approach to treatment, seeking to understand the full picture before beginning a treatment plan. As such, we will conduct a physical examination, take a full medical history and, if needed, use medical imaging to confirm an accurate diagnosis. There is a range of interventions that a chiropractor can use to correct spinal imbalances, and your treatment may include manual therapy to move the joint back into alignment and repair instances of subluxation.

Where necessary, your treatment may also include pelvic adjustment and other therapeutic interventions. In most cases, a course of treatments is recommended to return the spine to balance and promote full spinal mobility.

Get a professional diagnosis and effective intervention.

As highly trained, experienced chiropractors, we work with our clients to restore full spinal health and function. This offers relief from pain and protects against future spine-related tension and injury. For a same-day appointment, please call or book online via the link below.

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