Chiropractic Treatment of Whiplash Injuries

If you have been in an auto accident or have a whiplash injury, chiropractic treatment can help. Give us a call to schedule your same-day appointment.

Do you have a whiplash injury?

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Whiplash, also known as a cervical acceleration-deceleration injury, is damage that is done to the vertebrae and discs of the neck, along with muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. It occurs after the neck is subject to sudden hyperextension and hyperflexion which damage the ligaments and tendons causing the vertebrae to move out of position (which in turn inflames the nerve roots).

It is usually caused by car accidents (about two-thirds of Americans involved in auto accidents will develop whiplash symptoms) but can also arise from theme park rides, contact sports, or falls. Your risk of whiplash increases if you have pre-existing conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, prior whiplash injuries or vertebral subluxations.

Each case of whiplash is different; as such, your chiropractor will develop a personalized treatment plan which will usually include manipulation, muscle relaxation and therapeutic exercises.


The importance of early intervention for whiplash injuries

Over 50% of people who experience a whiplash injury are likely to continue experiencing symptoms up to five years after the incident took place, and many will need treatment to address incorrect cervical curvature. Because the injury happens so quickly, the muscle reflexes that protect the neck are not able to prevent or reduce the impact of the injury. Chiropractic intervention can turn that around. Studies show that chiropractic treatment is effective in over 90% of whiplash cases.

How can a chiropractor help resolve a whiplash injury?

The symptoms and their severity can vary greatly and may not be noticeable until a day or two after the injury. If you are struggling with impaired mobility in your neck, neck stiffness and pain, muscle spasms, dizziness, fatigue or blurred vision, you may have a whiplash injury.


Your chiropractor will take a detailed medical background as well as noting the history of the injury. At this time, they will also conduct a physical examination that concentrates on the neuromusculoskeletal system.


Advanced imaging in the form of a cervical CT scan may be necessary if there is possible cervical spine trauma. In some cases, a cervical MRI will also be needed to check for damage to the ligaments.


Your chiropractor will develop a customized treatment plan based on the severity of your injury and the symptoms that you show. In the acute phase, just after the injury occurs, the focus will be on reducing inflammation which will progress to gentle neck manipulation as the inflammation and pain decrease.


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To prevent long-term effects of your whiplash injury, you should seek immediate treatment. Left undiagnosed or untreated, a whiplash injury can lead to chronic pain, loss of function, and even permanent damage to the vertebrae and nervous system. We offer proper diagnosis and treatment for whiplash injuries with same-day appointments available.

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