How to improve health with chiropractic adjustments?

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How to improve health with chiropractic adjustments?

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Hello. Doctor Verg here and welcome to Five Minutes of Health. This show is made to motivate you to do what you know you must. Sometimes all we need is little bursts of information and practical application to keep the health fight on. Here we raise different health topics and today will talk about adjustments and how they work as a part of your health journey and approach to be healthy. This is one tool in our quest for a healthy body and a healthy nervous system.

But first, I want to say if you ever got in a car accident and injured yourself, we will be able to see you on the same day or the next day. And if you call the office or gone on the website and tell us that you were in a car accident and need some help. My staff will be able to get me or another doctor on the phone to answer any questions that you have after a motor vehicle crash. At times you may be experiencing bazar symptoms of a concussion and wondering if you should go to the emergency room. Some people leave the ER with no relief for a pounding migraine or need advice in resources available concerning your vehicle.

We have a central nervous system, and our nervous system affects everything we do but it is also affected by everything we do. We don’t just have signals going from our brain to the extremities, but we also have signals feeding from our hands, and feet, and joints, and muscles into our brain. And by stimulating, stretching, placing pressures on the body we can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. This is just one example of the affect we can have on our brain and nervous system through chiropractic treatment.


Is spinal manipulation effective?

Manipulation, or spinal manipulation has been shown to affect the activation threshold of the lateral thalamic neurons of the central nervous system (1). These neurons are responsible for the pain threshold we experience. So, after an adjustment these neurons were less likely to cause pain signal to come on. If you ever had relatives that complain of severe pain even with light pressure, they may have the problem of these neurons being “too sensitive”, and manipulation “teaches them” to chill out. This is what I mean that chiropractic can “retrain the brain”. With chronic pain these neurons “learn” the wrong lesson and become “too sensitive” and that is how manipulation helps fix chronic pain.

So, a chronic pain patient has this thresholds turned way down which results in pain just after sitting for longer period of time.

Is adjustment helping long term?

Adjustments has been shown to improve this pain threshold. The objection you might have been, “I had adjustments that helped but then the pain came back!” How would we keep that result? The answer is movement. We need three types of movement to maintain our health: general body movement, regional body movement, and segmental movement. Aerobics, and many sports are example of general body movement. We have resistance training, and physical therapy rehabilitation that usually consists of regional body movement. Segmental movement has to do with all the individual bones and joints ability to move completely and without restrictions. Our feet have 32 joints for example. We have many bones that interact with each other, and restriction in some of them will cause pain and dysfunctional in other parts. This is where chiropractic manipulation come in to fix those segmental joint movement. Not all chiropractor that check and adjust all the joints of our body. So, if you have not seen a chiropractor that adjusts feet, wrist and fingers and you may be surprised of what your body is capable of.

After your care, your job remains to continue moving. Movement is how health is maintained. When a chiropractic corrects these dysfunctional segments of the spine or body, we normalized information coming from the spine, which allows the brain to know exactly what is happening in and around the body. This allows the brain to respond more adequately and accurately to our body. One example of that is balance. One way to improve balance is adjusting the ankles.

How that work?

When the chiropractic adjustments are administered, there is a quick stretch the joint capsule that in turn stimulates all the nerve endings in that area. This causes our brain to pay closer attention and better control of the muscle’s, ligaments, and joints of the affected body part. This is good for the spine, joints, body and for the brain. you can find more helpful material reading our blog.

(*1) Reed, W. R., Pickar, J. G., Sozio, R. S., & Long, C. R. (2014). Effect of Spinal Manipulation Thrust Magnitude on Trunk Mechanical Activation Thresholds of Lateral Thalamic Neurons. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, 37(5), 277–286. doi:10.1016/j.jmpt.2014.04.001


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